Spring Opening!

March 4, 2014

Saturday, March 8 2014 is our 17 th  Spring Opening! We open at 9 and close at 5, and those will be the hours Tuesday through Saturday during the  Spring Season. This year, we have some new items – I like to call them structural topiary — Trees grown around a heavy duty steel framework. We have a collectors mentality for some of our offerings. For those who enjoy european beech varieties, we have some very hard to  find ones, such as Fagus sylvatica ‘purpurea nana’. 

Great conifer and Japanese maples selections are also evident this year. We always enjoy having  you visit and if you decide you must bring  a plant  home that’s great too!

John MonroeImage


Every few years we will experience heavy  snow or ice here in central North Carolina. Sometimes, customers  will ask                            

” HImageow do weeping  trees perform in these conditions?”, thinking that somehow  they are more vulnerable. Our experience is just the reverse. Weeping or prostrate forms have branches already heading down, and they  handle these conditions much  better than  typical  upright forms. We notice most problems with tight columnar forms as the branches often splay out with the heavy ice and sometimes  they do not return to as tight a column as before. Image


This cultivar of Cryptomeria is an excellent choice for the smaller garden. The deep green foliage stays green in the winter unlike  some of the other cultivars which can turn a bronze color. In addition, this cultivar can easily be trained into an Asian inspired specimen. After the tree develops some age, start pruning branches back in, over several years until the branches are reduced to small, irregular ‘puffs’ of foliage. If you want, bring down some of the branches into a more horizontal position and tie until they stay into position ( one  or more years of training). The horizontal structure gives the tree the semblance of a much older tree as most trees begin to take this form as they age .Full Sun to half-day sun works well for Cryptomeria.  Partial shade can also work successfully. Another cultivar that can be trained in  this manner is Cryptomeria  japonica  ‘monstrosa’.  

Once again we will offer a winter pruning class. Two classes, each with a maximum of six students will meet for 21/2 hours and learn how to ‘look’ at a plant or tree, establish pruning priorities and make the cuts. Class room instruction, demonstration and field work outside. The class is held rain, snow or shine but will be cancelled if the roads are icy. There will be a morning class and an afternoon class – both held on Saturday January 18, 2014. Call the nursery for more information: 919-620-0779. Image

We love this unusual dogwood that has army green puckered leaves arranged tightly on a distinct axis. It turns an interesting and lovely chocolate or deep purple in the fall.  It is relatively new for us but sources say that it grows to  6-8 ft by 3-4 ft wide. It is easily propagated by cuttings made Image during summer and early fall under mist. 

Fall Colors at the Nursery!

November 1, 2013


Another Fall Shipment!

October 24, 2013

We have brought in a second truck of really nice trees and shrubs for your fall landscaping needs. Beautiful Hinoki cypress, strikingly odd Norway spruces called Cobra, and chubby shining blue Fat Albert Blue spruces for your holiday lights  or maybe for your Tree! Remember, this is a great time to plant to get those roots growing into our soils all during the fall and most of the winter. Trees planted in the fall become better established than those planted in the Spring. We are open Tuesday through Saturday – 9 until 5pm. ImageImageImage

Focus on Design

Each Seminar runs from 10:30 to noon in the Education Center at Architectural Trees

Pre-registration is required, fee of $10/person/ per seminar . $15 / for two /per seminar. Image

October 12: Maureen Buck Owner of Bluesky Nursery, ”Design with Specimen Trees as focal Points”. Maureen has a special interest in Japanese maples and Conifers.

October 19: Michelle Wallace – Durham’s own Horticulture extension agent will give a power point presentation on: ‘Garden Room Development’. Michelle has given many workshops and presents in a clear and effective manner.

October 26: Matt Carlisle – Purdue Graduate, Landscape Architect doing Residential design for Garden Environments in Durham , will give a seminar on “Hardscapes for Outdoor Living”.

November 2: Laurie Renz – Lifelong Gardener, academic background, “Plant Selection and Design for Deer-resistant Shade Gardening for Wildlife” Dr. Renz has developed beautiful shade gardens in Cincinnati, OH, and now in Hillsborough.

November 9: TJ Husted of Outdoor Images will give a presentation on “Design on Site: Go Paperless!” TJ ‘s company was the “Grand Award winner NCLA for design and installation.”

Getting excited about Fall!

September 7, 2013

archtrees_439DSCN1036Our Fall shipment has arrived and we have pulled out many of our own treasures for our Fall season which is starting in just a few days! The inventory list will be completed prior to Sept 14th, I promise. We brought in some really nice Acer japonicum cultivars – in 15 inch boxes, as well as some spectacular conifers that I had picked back in Oregon in July. We will have our ‘tractor barn filled with 1 and 2 gal size plants and some 3 gal Japanese Maples as well. Our nursery has never looked better!archtrees_441DSCN1038

'Momumentale' Sugar Maple

‘Momumentale’ Sugar Maple

We are looking forward to our Fall season. What an incredible spring and summer we have had. It has been an ideal condition to grow plants – we have had plenty of rain, and cool weather. Our hours this fall are Tuesday through Saturday from 9 to 5pm. Come see what we have grown! OUr website will be current prior to our opening.


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