Spring Opening! March 12, 2016

February 23, 2016

It is that time of year again, the smell of fresh hardwood mulch, Balled and burlapped trees unloaded from the trucks that make the long journey from Oregon, selecting the plants that we have grown here, that are now ready for sale, and seeing familiar faces ( and some new ones!) and long-time friends who come to visit the nursery and perhaps add another element to their garden.

We are among  the Durham County farmers who are going to be selling at the new Durham Roots Farmers’ Market at Northgate starting April 16th. Unlike the other area Farmers’ Markets, this market will offer only the three ‘P’s : Protein, Produce and Plants. All  have to be grown Durham county ( or Durham City). We are growing herbs and some bedding plants as well as our other usual plants- grafted conifers, japanese maples etc., to sell at this market. You may remember Chuck, who used to work here years ago – he will be selling at the new Market most Saturdays.

Our inventory list is getting updated so please check it soon to see what we will have for sale.



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