Up-date on Freeze.

May 11, 2016

I thought I should write a follow-up on the freeze we had last month. Many of my predictions came to be correct, but not all. The mulberry, fringe trees, black locust and gingko all lost all or essentially all of their new growth. All have re-flushed and will do well enough this year. Most of the Japanese maples that were damaged also have reflushed. A beautiful Acer palmatum Rhode Island Red has come back weakly, but should survive. Magnolias (deciduous ) did poorly and have just formed tiny buds that should eventually fill out the trees. One tree that may succumb is a 15 ft tall Picea smithiana that was in a stage of new growth that lost of the buds in the freeze. For the entire tree, I have only found two small shoots that are active. What happens to a tree that cannot grow? I am assuming it will die.

Blueberries did a bit better than I had anticipated. The early and midseason varieties fared pretty well with my estimate of a 20% loss of berries. The late variety, Tif-blue lost the most as these bushes were in flower stage. Approximately eighty percent of these berries are lost.

Spring is now mid-late spring and the evidence of the freeze is lessening and will shortly be just a memory that becomes just part of what it means to be a nurseryman.



One Response to “Up-date on Freeze.”

  1. Evelyn Janosik said

    Glad to hear many of your damaged trees are recovering. How do you keep deer.from eating your unique specimens? I have a huge problem here and have begun putting metal fencing of different types over or around the evergreens as permanent deer deterants. The evergreens grow through them, and the deer can trim them but not deface or denude them.

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