P1000394(1)(1)We are a small rare tree and shrub nursery located in the piedmont of NC, not far from Durham NC. We propagate, grow and sell our trees at the nursery, which  once was a former tobacco farm. Many of the buildings date back to 1914. We specialize in conifers and Japanese maples. Plants with weeping,  upright, globe, contorted, prostrate  habit or have variagated leaves are well represented at our nursery, as well as good hard to find native trees. If you come to the nursery armed with photos and dimensions of an area to be landscaped, we are happy to offer design recommendations at no charge.

Our website is :www.archtrees.com Phone: 919-620-0779 email:archtrees@aol.com


5 Responses to “About”

  1. Sandy Horn said

    I’m looking for a Floating Cloud redbud, and it seems from your web site that you have them. Could you tell me if you still have one of these trees and, if so, what size they are and how much you’re charging for them? Please let me know how to find you, and I’ll come take a look. I live in Cary.

    Sandy Horn

    • archtrees1 said

      Sandy: We have about 5 trees in 5 or 7 gal ready to go. They are currently priced at $89.They are beautiful. The two examples in the JC Raulston arboretum in Raleigh are stunning!
      John Monroe

  2. olympic london said

    On the level of great cinamatographers such as Marty Stoufer; You are a keeper of our countries natural wildlife that is so easily brushed aside for other unrenewable resourses. Be well dear friend. Joseph

  3. Amazing Alex said

    Oh stunning colors, love how you mixed different shades of blue together.

  4. Paula D Rice said

    Thank you for the second amazing experience at your garden last Friday. I shall treasure each specimen!! You are a national arboricultural treasure.

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