Winter Classes 2016

November 19, 2015

Pruning Class : Once again  we  will  be offering a hands-on pruning class led by John Monroe, owner of Architectural Trees. The  class is being offered 1/9/2016. The class is from 1pm until 3:30, held rain/ snow or shine, and is outside. How to look at and determine the singular beauty of a tree and how to bring it out by making pruning decisions is a focus of this class. Students need to come to class with by-pass pruners. Japanese Maples, and conifers will be some of the trees that we will learn about.

Fee: $45 paid in  advance. Six students per class ( we will fill up the afternoon class before opening the morning class ).

Intensive Workshop  for Intermediate or Advanced Gardeners , “Exploring Creativity, Gardening and the  Self” This all day  workshop held inside,  is facilitated by John Monroe.  Using structured exercises, and group process,  the participants will have an opportunity to learn more about what gardening brings to their lives, how they tap into their creativity  and perhaps, recognize some new connections within themselves that were ready to be made.  Not a therapy group, however, an openness to one’s history and how gardening fits into it will be welcomed and respected. Saturday January 16, 9 -4 pm. Light breakfast  and healthy snacks are  included, bring a bag lunch. Five participants only. Fee is $150 for the day, paid in advance.





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