Cryptomeria japonica ‘Jindai sugi’

January 22, 2014


This cultivar of Cryptomeria is an excellent choice for the smaller garden. The deep green foliage stays green in the winter unlike  some of the other cultivars which can turn a bronze color. In addition, this cultivar can easily be trained into an Asian inspired specimen. After the tree develops some age, start pruning branches back in, over several years until the branches are reduced to small, irregular ‘puffs’ of foliage. If you want, bring down some of the branches into a more horizontal position and tie until they stay into position ( one  or more years of training). The horizontal structure gives the tree the semblance of a much older tree as most trees begin to take this form as they age .Full Sun to half-day sun works well for Cryptomeria.  Partial shade can also work successfully. Another cultivar that can be trained in  this manner is Cryptomeria  japonica  ‘monstrosa’.  


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