Ginkgo biloba – cultivars

November 1, 2012

We have noticed that some of our ‘male’grafted gingkoes end up producing ‘fruit’, that some find problematic due to the odor of the decaying pulp surrounding the ‘nut’. Apparently, if the male clone is grafted onto a seedling female rootstock, it is capable of changing sex. I don’t understand how this exactly happens, and I haven’t seen very much about this phenomenon written, but if my observations are accurate, it would seem to lead to some significant problems. Question: do grafts from a male clone that has çhanged sex’ then produce fruit even if then grafted onto a male seedling? Also, about 50% of seedlings I would assume are female, does this mean that 50% of our male grafts are going to eventually produce fruit?

Male ginkgo with fruit


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