Cryptomeria japonica Sekkan Sugi

October 14, 2012

This is a very large example of Sekkan Sugi at one of my favorite nurseries in the Portland Oregon area, Iseli nursery. In our climate, this tree doesn’t get as large but do plan for a 25 -35 ft tree. The yellow color is best when the tree is sited in a full sun location. Like many Cryptomerias, they grow fairly fast, and much of the growth occurs in the fall. Many times that new tender growth is burned by the first frost. But no worry, the plant is capable of establishing a new leader the following spring/summer. Right now, we have some very nice 7gal trees available for $89. Image


One Response to “Cryptomeria japonica Sekkan Sugi”

  1. Thanks for highlighting this one! We love this tree, and just visited Iseli and saw the specimen in the photo. It really is a beacon of light on a misty morning. Its correct name is Cryptomeria japonica ‘Sekkan’. (‘Sugi’ means Cryptomeria in Japanese). Everyone has it mis-labeled, though.

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