North LIght Metasequoia glyptostroboides

May 16, 2012

This is an exciting new cultivar of the dawn redwood. Over the past few years, various yellow forms ( Ogon, Golden Dawn), variegated forms ( siloquette), dwarf weeping forms ( Miss Grace, Self -Prune) long needled form ( Headhunter) and now this creamy dwarf Schirrmann’s nordilcht or North LIght. have become available. I’ve been experiementing with North LIght in our hot humid NC climate and so far, believe it probably will perform the best with some protection from the afternoon sun. OUr fresh grafts are growing vigorously under a 40% shade cloth ( and we have a few available by the way!). The needles emerge with a crinkled appearance but that seems to disappear during the course of the season. It aslo as a tendency to through out some longer side shoots that can be easily snipped off for those that prefer a tidy appearance.

UPDATE: After reading the blog of a great grower of plants from Oregon, I decided to move my grafts to full sun. They received irrigation two and three times a day. They did very well and here is a picture of a graft I made last winter.

North Light Dawn Redwood grown in full sun.


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