PInus strobus ‘Hillside Winter Gold’

February 5, 2012


Hillside Winter Gold White pine

stunning form of the eastern White pine has normal colored needles during the spring, summer and fall. However, once the weather turns colder, the same needles turn this brilliant yellow-gold. This tree is far superior in my opinion to Pinus strobus Louie for the mid south. In my experience Louie, another color changing white pine does not really turn yellow in our NC piedmont climate. Many of the Pacific Northwest growers seem to have switched from growing Hillside Winter gold to Louie, which makes this plant harder to find in nurseries. It is propagated by grafting however, probably due to the lack of winter chlorophyll, it doesn’t graft as easily as most white pines. Growing them when they are a year or two old can be challenging. Overall the tree seems to grow at about 1/3 the rate of the species. The top lead grow about 6 to 8 inches here in our climate. It is a wonderful plant to brighten up a gray February day. No chance in thinking this plant is sick. Everyone who sees it wants one.


2 Responses to “PInus strobus ‘Hillside Winter Gold’”

  1. We’re on the same page! We just posted about winter’s gold, too. Nice post.

    • archtrees1 said

      Thank you for your kind words. Yes, once you get turned on to the yellow colors in winter, it certainly brings cheer to those dreary days.

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