Oregon Trip

July 26, 2011

Juniperus pingiiFagus sylvatica 'purple fountain'

I’m back from my annual trip to the Portland Oregon nurseries. Each year I get a chance to hand select choice specimen material, learn about new varieties that I might decide to grow at Architectural Trees and learn new horticultural practices and get creative inspiration. This year was no exception. I found a good source of unusual deciduous material which I hope will add another dimension to the nursery. I also realized that some of the cultivars look good in youth but actually become less attractive in adulthood. There are exceptions to this fortunately, such as Juniperus pingii .This tree looks like a multi-leader shrub in youth but as you can see in the picture, it makes a lovely 15 ft x 20 fr tree with a unique look. The Purple fountain beech looks a bit odd in youth and look how this maturing tree looks.


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