Picea glauca ‘pgymae’

April 28, 2011

PIcea glauca 'pgymae'

This rarely found form of the dwarf alberta spruce has a gnome like shape. It has a blunted top point and has a different enough look to attract attention. The Alberta spruce has become so common that it is mostly overlooked when in the landscape. This form is garden worthy and in a way looks like a green rock. The same cultural issues that are present in the dwarf alberta spruce are concerns here. Close attention to spider mites and treating early will be necessary if an infestation occurs.


2 Responses to “Picea glauca ‘pgymae’”

  1. evelyn janosik said

    Hi John,

    Hope all is well. That is a really interesting Alberta spruce. Our Alberta got too tall and was blocking a view window, so I cut it in half and am bonsaiing it (is there such a word?) So far it is looking good. I am tying and weighting the branches to get them to grow the way I want.

    My yard is so pretty. You must be thinking about it. I hope your gardens are just as beautiful. All is well here. Hope you have a successful, profitable year. EJJ

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