Heavy barked Japanese Black PIne

March 27, 2011

close up of branch and bark

Pinus thunbergii ‘Arakawa sho’

We have been collecting a number of Japanese Black Pine ( Pinus thunbergii) cultivars that have the interesting characteristic of developing heavy bark on young trees. The effect is to give the impression of a very old tree which can be emphasized by the Niwaki pruning technique. Some of the cultivars that have this characteristic include: Pinus t. ‘Arakawa sho’, Pinus t. ‘Nishiki tsukasa’, Pinus t. Katsuga’ and Pinus t. Yoshimura). Over New years, I visited the National Arborteum’s Bonasi collection in Washington DC and there was a wonderful example of a bonsai using one of these heavy barked cultivars. We have grafted some this winter and so far it looks like we will have a good take. Hopefully, we will have some smaller plants to offer in a few years. We have a few 15 size plants of Pinus t. Nishiki tsukasa’, now.


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