‘Gumball’ Sweet Gum

December 8, 2010

'Gumball Sweet Gum tree

Liquidamar styraciflua ‘gum ball’ . In the southeast it is not easy to sell sweet gum trees. The native tree is well-known for producing gumballs – hard spikey quarter sized brown seed structures that litter the ground each fall and winter. This selection is a much smaller tree and grows on its own in a compact fashion. It does produce the seeds but because the small stature, it really is no problem. I was reviewing some photos I took last summer ( it is about 20 degrees right now outside which is rare for December in North Carolina in the piedmont), and found this picture of ‘Gumball’ at a large garden in Greenwood Virginia. This plant is propagated through grafting or reportedly it can be rooted in August w/ root hormone under mist.


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