News at the nursery

November 28, 2010

16 month old male Black Shouldered peacock

The nursery is open Tuesday through Saturday until Dec 11. We will be open by appointment after then. CAll: 919-620-0779.Consider a gift certificate for a gardening friend or using a potted conifer for your Christmas tree this year. We have some families that have made coming to the nursery to buy a potted conifer each year their tradition and now have a very interesting collection of conifers!
Another matter: If you still have un picked up material please make arrangements for delivery by the 11th. Let us know if you need help with making those arrangements. We do not care for unpicked material all winter.:)
We are getting the nursery ready for the winter by moving plants into more protected areas and by putting up white plastic on some of the houses for overwintering.
We had a good fall, much stronger than I had anticipated. Some nice Japanese Maples were sold as well as lots of conifers.
Due to a planned surgery, I will not be offering my winter pruning class this year, nor the grafting class. Both classes will resume winter of 2012. Feel free to call if you have a pruning question ( and send a pic) and I will try to walk you through the issue.
The picture is of last years hatched male black shouldered peacock and a new hen, among recently fallen gingko leaves.


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