Taxodium distichum var. imbricarium

November 1, 2010

close up of Taxoidum distichum var. imbricarium

Also known as the ‘Pond cypress’ or Taxodium ascendens, this elegant deciduous conifer fits in well with a larger water feature. Native to the coastal swamps of NC, this tree has many features which make it garden worthy. In late winter, ‘flowers’ looking like 4-5 inch hanging brown beads drape from the tips of branches. In

Pond Cypress on right, Taxodium dist. pendens on left

spring, the new growth starts off growing in a vertical arrangement on each and every stem, creating a very unique and different look. The foliage relaxes later and the overall impact is one of soft texture – not too unlike cotton candy. Fall colors are in the oranges, yellows and attractive browns. Some of the cultivars are grafted onto Taxodium distichum.


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