Metasequoia glyptostroboides ‘Self -Prune’

September 30, 2010

'Self-Prune' Dawn redwood. 1 year top -graft

This cultivar of the Dawn Redwood was, I believe, found at Iseli Nursery. The name refers to the characteristic of this form to develop brown tips to the needles during the summer months. In most cases, this is a relatively minor distraction from the overall beauty of the plant. In effect, it helps dwarf the overall dimensions of the cultivar. ‘Self-prune’ develops a heavy caliper quickly and the attractive bark of Dawn Redwoods are also present in ‘Self-Prune. As far as ultimate size, my guess is that it will mature around 8-10 ft. As first year grafts, they grew robustly under irrigation and shade. Both low and top grafts seem to create an attractive plant. Although there are many new cultivars of Metasequoia, ‘Self-prune’ is one that will add a new dimension to any garden.


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