Picea engelmannii’ Snake’

August 7, 2010

Picea engelmannii 'Snake'

One of the most bizarre looking conifers I have come across, this snake spruce has extremely elongated bluish green needles which lay along the stems. Capable of putting out four ft of growth at the terminal bud, but with few if any side branches. Propagated by grafts, this tree offers little scion material. In fact, if a scion is taken, often the entire branch dies. Thus this tree is very uncommon and rare to find in the industry. Placement of the tree is important. This tree can be particularly effective if planted where the snake-like elongated branches are viewed against the sky. This specimen, in a garden in Greenwood Va. is sited so that the visitor is actually viewing the tree from a path lower from the tree, a most effective placement.


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