Ruby Falls Redbud

June 8, 2010

Ruby Falls Redbud

Ruby Falls Redbud. This is a new cultivar created by crossing ‘Forest Pansy’ with
‘Covey’. Developed at NC State University by Dr. Dennis Werner, this new tree offers much promise due to both the purple leaves and weeping habit.


4 Responses to “Ruby Falls Redbud”

  1. krista said

    Thanks for making this blog. We are working on our yard and are looking for some appropriate trees to make a small grove in our back yard. Originally we were thinking white-bark birch. I saw a lovely grove in front of a modern house as the focal point of a picture window. They seemed small in scale (about 10 inches around and they were probably about 20 feet tall). But everything I am reading about birch says that they get huge. Is there a way to keep birch small? i.e. plant them closer together? or is there a smaller tree that might give a similar look? We want something woody and thin feeling with a light canopy.

    The look we are is simple – drawing from japanese in terms of areas of sparseness, the inclusion of rocks – nothing too flowery or showy, but we don’t want it to be a verbatim japanese garden. more like a sparse woodland. hmm don’t know quite how to communicate it. Anyway – Thanks for any input you might have!

    • archtrees1 said

      Very interesting comment. I’m not sure which zone you are in and that makes a difference. I agree that the birches can get too large, – if you can grow the paper birch – they grow fairly slowly so they may end up what you choose. For an abstract ‘modern ‘ look I am thinking of the sweet gum culitivar ‘ Slender siloquette’. It will grow tall – but stay very narrow.– reportedly only 6 ft wide. They would not have a ‘thin’ effect, but be a bit more heavier looking. A grove of them might really be attractive.

  2. Arthur said

    Great new cultivar but my two Forest Pansy Redbuds tend to become greener as the season gets hotter.

    • archtrees1 said

      Arthur: Yes, I am sure Ruby Falls with the Forest Pansy parent will do the same. We have had a real heat spell recently and the leaves are still attractive. Since Ruby Falls is a weeping form, the leaves will be hanging down and as long as the new leaves are emerging which remain brightly colored, my hope is that there will be a ‘multi-colored effect’ — a visual mixing of green, faded purple and bright purple. We’ll see.
      Thanks for commenting.

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