Bloodgood and Burgundy Lace Japanese Maples

May 3, 2010

Bloodgood (left), Burgundy Lace (right) Photo: 5-3-10

Bloodgood versus Burgundy Lace. Sometimes it may seem that with all the varieties of Japanese maples that there really isn’t that much difference between them. That may be true in some examples, but often there is a difference but not often an opportunity to view mature trees side by side. When I travel to Oregon and see acres of red laceleafs in row after row, the color and growth patterns become apparent. However, by itself it might be difficult to distinguish ‘Brocade’ from ‘Watnong’. At the nursery we have two 25 year old maples almost side by side. ‘Bloodgood’ is the tree to the left and ‘Burgundy Lace’ is the tree to the right . Notice the difference in color. Pruning has altered the shapes of these trees. The Bloodgood has been grown as a multi-stemmed tree and because the ‘Burgundy Lace ‘ is sited near a building, it has been limbed up higher.


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