Grafting season.

March 15, 2010

Metasequoia cultivar grafts 3-14-2010

Grafting Spring 2010. February and March are busy months at the nursery. We do all of our grafts during this time frame. The 24 x 16 ft heated greenhouse becomes totally filled with rootstock and finished grafts as well as potted-up winter conifer cuttings that are too tender to be outside. Mist comes on every 10 minutes during the daytime, and the shade cloth and ventilation system keep the house from becoming too hot. Each year we try something new to improve our successes. Grafting can be frustrating when the scion doesn’t take for some reason. Sorting out why is not always clear. Grafting at our nursery allows us to propagate varieties of plants that cannot be rooted and thus can only be propagated by grafting. We make all of our own Taxodium ( bald cypress) grafts, Metaseqouia (Dawn Redwood grafts), most of our Acer palmatum ( Japanese Maple grafts), our Japanese Black pine cultivar grafts, as well as Japanese Red Pine, Japanese white pine, and Eastern White pine. Each year we do a variety of other grafts to expand our offerings. This year we grafted Emerald Kascade Honeylocust which is an elegant weeping form of honeylocust. We intend to train a gradual serpentine trunk on some to add even more beauty. When a supplier was unwilling to custom produce this for me, my only alternative was to do it myself. It is more fun that way anyway. So far, the grafts appear to be working out at a high percentage. Look for this tree in two years. Three students took my grafting class this winter. If you may have an interest it is best to contact me in November.


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