Kelly’s Gold Boxelder

December 1, 2009

Kelly's Gold Boxelder Photo: 11-30-2009

Acer negundo ‘Kelly’s Gold’. This form of the Boxelder maple has striking yellow colored twigs and young branches especially noticeable in the winter months. The leaves are a yellow green in color and have three lobes. Overall, the Boxelder has been described as ‘short-lived’ and brittle. Certainly care should be taken in the placement of this tree. Creative pruning can keep the majority of the tree growing with vigorous young shoots which will have the brightest color. During our sometimes drab winter months, Kelly’s Gold Boxelder brightens the spirit.


3 Responses to “Kelly’s Gold Boxelder”

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  2. archtrees1 said

    Thank you so much. It’s comments like yours that mean the world and will keep me adding to this blog. Any reactions or questions about the blog are always welcomed.

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