Cedrus deodara ‘Divinely Blue’

September 11, 2009

Divinely Blue Deodara

Divinely Blue Deodara

Cedrus deodara ‘Divinely Blue’ It is a very attractive blue form of deodar cedar that can be grown either as a full pyramidal small tree or in an irregular, free form manner. . It was found by Bill Divine of Maryland. This tree would be appropriate in a rock garden, as a small specimen, or part of a conifer garden. Rate of growth is slow to moderate, averaging about 2-4 inches a year. The needles are thick on the stem, making the tree look especially full. The color is really a blue green, which calls attention to itself but blends more easily in the landscape then perhaps a true blue. Ten year size is about 5 ft by 5 ft. This dwarf tree is propagated by cuttings or grafting. Full sun to mostly sun, and well-drained soil are its preferences.


2 Responses to “Cedrus deodara ‘Divinely Blue’”

  1. Leslie Boles said

    Help! I planted a Divinely Blue Deodara several years ago and it has grown to large for the spot. Would it be possible to move it to another location? It is 8′ X 5 1/2 feet. (width x length). I hate to cut it down, but it is crownding the front entrance of our home. Please help. Leslie Boles

    • archtrees1 said

      It won’t be easy, but it is possible. Try tying up the branches before digging and of course try to get as many roots as possible. Have some help in removing if from the hole. Trim off some ‘unnecessary branches ‘ to compensate for root loss. Another approach is to re-configure the tree to an upright pyramid, by trimming off some of the wide spreading branches and retraining a leader.

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