Pinus densiflora ‘Golden Ghost’

August 17, 2009

'Golden Ghost' Japanese Red Pine

'Golden Ghost' Japanese Red Pine

Pinus densiflora ‘Golden Ghost’ is a remarkable tree. The spring flush presents light green needles that turn a stunning yellowish white in mid summer. This tree always amazes people as they have not seen a white needled pine before. The effect is shimmering and eye boggling. Other Japanese Red pine cultivars that present similarly include: Pinus densiflora ‘Burke’s Red Variagated, and Pinus densiflora ‘Ogon-draconis’. The culitivar ‘Golden Ghost ‘is probably the most white of all. This tree is grafted on the species, and seems to tolerate full sun without a problem. Winter color can look a little drab, but the summer show far than makes up for a few dreary months.


6 Responses to “Pinus densiflora ‘Golden Ghost’”

  1. archtrees1 said

    THanks so much. If you have a topic you would like me to write about, let me know.

  2. archtrees1 said

    Sorry, we don’t ship. We’re a small nursery and not set up for that.

  3. Diana Lane said

    I love this tree! Where can I buy them?


  4. Dmitri said

    Can you sell cuttings (5 or 10) for grafting?
    How much will be with shipping to 07039?

    • archtrees1 said

      What I mean by cultural factors are if the plant is grown in a pot versus in the ground. Sometimes plants grown in pots over time assume a less vigorous nature as they are never completely happy due to their roots being confined and too hot in the summer and too cold perhaps in the winter.

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