Thuja occidentalis ‘pendula’

July 27, 2009

Weeping Eastern White Cedar

Weeping Eastern White Cedar


or Weeping Eastern White Cedar is an attractive small conifer that is often overlooked in collections. This plant would slowly scramble along the garden floor unless staked. Staking to four or five feet seems best. As a cultivar of an Eastern US native, sometimes this evergreen is planted in native plant collections. It would equally be at home in a rarified conifer collection. Every autumn, one half of the foliage turns orange, then brown, and falls off. The ‘orange’ stage is particularly striking. When the last year’s foliage falls off, the tree enters what I call the ‘boney’ stage. One can see more clearly the structure of the tree now and appreciate the weeping habit even more than during the summer, when new growth make the tree appear quite dense and full. This tree can be grown in full sun to mostly shade.


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