Conifer Garden – casual

July 21, 2009

conifer garden in Indian Lake NY

conifer garden in Indian Lake NY

Conifers can be used in a casual manner. What I mean





by this, is that rather than having the plants displayed in a showcase manner, it is possible to present them in a more natural manner as if they just naturally appeared and starting growing. In the Adirondacks of upstate NY, the zone is 3, deer abound and many homes are used on a seasonal basis. Making a garden where the ornamentals don’t look out-of place was the goal. On one side of a blue stone walk, Picea pungens ‘RH Montgomery’, Juniperus communis cultivars ‘Gold cone’, ‘Green Carpet, ‘aurea depressa’ are all used. The weeping Norway Spruce (Picea abies pendula’  ) adds deep green color. Wildflowers are allowed to grow among the plants as long as thet do not choke out the elements. With very little care, these selections are beginning to knit together after three years.


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