‘Cave Hill’ Bald Cypress

July 1, 2009

Taxodium distichum ‘Cave Hill’ is a uncommon cultivar of the bald cypress that deserves more attention. “Cave Hill’ is a dwarf, actually a witch’s broom with deep green decidious needles arranged in a visually pleasing pattern. It is unlike any other bald cypress. ‘Cave Hill’ could be sited in a dwarf conifer collection, rock garden, mixed border, or in a container. Usually, this plant is grafted on a short standard, to bring out the round shape and to bring the detailed tiny needles closer to the eye. Slow growing, we have found that if two year old understock is used for grafting, the results are great. The trees in the picture are only 4 months old.

'Cave Hill' Bald Cypress
‘Cave Hill’ Bald Cypress

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