Picea abies ‘Cobra’

June 26, 2009

‘Cobra’ Norway spruce was developed at Iseli Nursery. It was a seedling cross between Picea abies ‘pendula’ ( Weeping Norway Spruce) and Picea abies ‘Virgata’ (Norway Snake Spruce). Cobra has characteristics intermediate between both parents. It can become quite large so it should be sited where it can eventually reach its full stature which might be 25 or more ft in our climate . Demonstrating both weeping habit as well as extreme shoot elongation, Cobra is one of the more bizarre appearing conifers, but it is easy to become a fan of this new cultivar. Odd appearing in youth, Cobra grows into its own after a few years. The lowest branches often will form a skirt right on the ground. Staking helps getting the tree growing upright, and being attentive in allowing only one lead shoot

Picea abies Cobra in 75 gal box

Picea abies Cobra in 75 gal box

(uppermost terminal shoot ) will result in an attractive tree. For the collector, having the two parents on site, and having Cobra, makes for an interesting discussion while enjoying the conifer collection with some visitors.


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