Acer palmatum ‘murasaki kiyohime’ table top Japanese Maples

June 17, 2009

  • There is an interesting group of Japanese Maples that deserve consideration for the serious collector of Japanese maples. Sometimes called ‘table tops’ due to their characteristic manner of growing — that is, much wider than tall and often flat topped. Considered dwarfs they still can grow 8 ft or more across over twenty years, yet be only three feet tall if that much.Cultivars that are included in this group are : Acer palmatum ‘murasaki kiyohime’, Acer palmatum ‘Tama hime’, and Acer palmatum ‘kiyohime yatsubusa’ . Leaves on all these cultivars are tiny to small. Often these dwarfs will have flushes of new growth ( with attendant bright color ) throughout the summer. Because they are so low growing they are particularly effective when sited upon a slight elevation, where the heavy caliper of the trunk can be appreciated. Sometimes this group will be grafted high forming a much taller ‘table top’. Because the overall scale of this group is smaller placing a specimen in the fore front of larger and more upright growing cultivars often is effective. All three have green leaves although A.p. ‘murasaki kiyohime’ has reddish margins when grown with some sun andP1000362(1)(1) seconary flushes as mentioned earlier. These cultivars are propagated like other Japanese maples by grafting on one or two year species understock.

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