Camperdown Elm — small tree with character

June 15, 2009

Camperdown elm

Camperdown elm

The Camperdown elm or Ulmus glabra ‘camperdownii’ is a little used landscape  choice that attracts  attention wherever it is planted.  Because it is seldom planted, when it is spotted in the landscape it usually generates question of ‘what is that tree  ?”  In one way, it’s scarcity in the general landscape has made this tree all the more desirable and interesting.  This small weeping tree with bold and heavy branch structure, and medium size deep green leaves can be grown in full sun or shade.  It is usually grafted  or sometimes budded and trained up to a certain height and allowed to tumble from there.  Japanese bettles seem to relish the leaves and fall color is not impressive but otherwise this tree can be strongly recommended. Winter interest is high due to the branch structure ; the weeping branches are not willow-like but more like a wizzened old Japanese  maple with many interesting twists and turns. In early spring the greenish wings of the developing seeds look like flowers on the otherwise naked branches. Early leaves are limey green, maturing to deep green.  We have this interesting tree for sale at the nursery in several sizes.


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