Blue Spruces

May 13, 2009

Today, we sold a beautiful PIcea pungens ‘Eygptian Pryamid’. This is a dwarf form of Blue Spruce with wonderful habit and color. We also moved a large balled and burlapped Picea pungens ‘Thomsen’ into a 75 gal plastic box. We often get asked’ Do Blue Spruces grow here? ” There are not many around but there are a few wonderful examples in Durham and the JC Raulston Arboretum once had a trial that looked into how various cultivars did. They all seemed to do well, and eventually this section was cut down to make room for more plants. The Blue Spruces do not grow as much each year as they would further North.However, they can grow 8-12 inches and that is  not bad. We find they prefer full sun and need plenty of water when the bright new shoots are elongating. Spider mites can be a problem but if you are viligant, you can catch them before they do much damage. There are not many conifers that have such intense blue color. One designer told me that ‘blue draws the eye’. You can use this effect by placing the blue plant at the far end of a vista if you want to draw the eye all the way to the end. I should mention another very desirable cultivar. It is Picea pungens ‘The Blues’. This was a chance mutation fround by Larry Stanley of Stanley and Sons nursery. Unlike most weeping forms of Blue Spruce, ‘ the Blues’ grows in a very uniform fashion, similiar to the weeping Norway Spruce.


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