‘Pot n Pot’ above ground.

May 7, 2009

We have a number of larger trees that have been in 45 gal pots. To grow them another year in that pot would result in a slow decline as they have been in the pots for a few years now. We have been setting some of these trees on dirt ‘pads’  which are above grade. Then after agressively stimulating the roots we position these larger trees onto the pad and surround them with more soil and then finish them with a layer of mulch. These will have to be hand watered of course but the plants should do much better then spending the summer in a pot. The roots will be cooler and should grow better. This is sort of a potn pot technique above the ground.  Then in the fall, they will be either ready to ‘harvest’ or repositioned in an effort to root prune them. We have done this now with a large laceleaf maple, two larger caliper Weeping Blue atlas Cedars, one Ogon Metasequoia ( dawn redwood) and today, we are adding another Ogon and a variagated Zelkova.


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